"On the Real"
(6 57677 98012)

"Each song is a tour de force..."
--- Gavin Magazine

"Gould makes a strong argument for the vitality of Cleveland jazz... combining rich right hand improvisations with sonorous, complex ostinatos on the left."
-- Down Beat Magazine

"On the Real" marks the recording debut of composer and pianist Eric Gould, and it is a considerable achievement. Seven of the nine tracks are compositions written by Mr. Gould. He has chosen music for the recording that he penned many years ago and in doing has given you, the listener the opportunity to hear music written early in his career, but played with a maturity and depth that would have not been possible when the music was created. As a result, it is a brilliant introduction to the music and mind of Eric Gould while at the same time creating sweet anticipation of his next recording project where some of his newer material will be featured.

Larry Simpson
Chairman, Arts Presenters



Eric Gould (piano)
Marion Hayden (bass)
Cedric Napoleon (bass)
Bill Ransom (drums)
Greg Bandy (drums)
Noah King (drums)
Bobby English (saxophones)
Melvin Burks (trumpet)
Mwatabu Okantah (performance poet)

Track Listing
1. The Joker (Eric Gould) 6'13"
2. On the Real (Eric Gould) 6'16"
3. Deborah's Journey (Eric Gould) 7'43"
4. Introduction 1'07
5. Stolen Legacy (Eric Gould) 8'34"
6. For You (Eric Gould) 6'38"
7. Waltz-For-All (Eric Gould) 5'50"
8. Portrait #2 (Eric Gould) 4'28"
9. Inner Urge (Joe Henderson) 5'37"
10 Dolphin Dance (Herbie Hancock) 9'32"