"Song of Songs"
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Terrific throwback to MJQ's early sound... His bass-playing and song-writing, Bryan Carrott's vibraphone, the piano of Carlton Holmes, and the drumming by Vincent Ector are all superb. Don't get me wrong...this unit is not cloning the MJQ, even though the same four instruments are present... But if you are a fan of MJQ, you can't help but like this album too.

-- William Adams, Amazon.com

"You hear it in an instant: this album has three things going for it. The tunes crackle with excitement; these guys came to play. You get strong compositions by Leon Lee Dorsey: simple, evocative riffs, they're made for stretching out. And this is a top-notch band, sparked by the vibist Bryan Carrott. Hear him explode on "The Collector", full of fast buoyant notes - like Stefon Harris, only with more bounce. Carlton Holmes adds some sprightly piano; Dorsey's bass-walk is tough, and a steady presence. "Baptism" blends a delicate waltz to a taut ostinato - and Carrott takes a beautiful glide. (He comps during Holmes' solo; it's barely audible, and utterly priceless.) If you feel like dreaming, you'll love "Until the End of Time", a very classy ballad. The chords slowly rise, and Vince Ector pours on the steamy cymbals. Bryan rolls faster, the bassman creeps, and Holmes plays with a late-night glow. It's a great mood - you'll want it to last 'til the end of time."

John Barrett



Leon Lee Dorsey (bass)
Bryan Carrot (Vibes)
Vince Ector (Drums)
Carlton Holmes (Piano)

Track Listing
1. The Collector 5'07"
2. Baptism 4'52"
3. Thessalonians 6'45"
4. Until the End of Time 6'13'
5. Chill'n 6'34"
6. Song of Songs 3'54"
7. Old Folks 8'27"
8. Mecklenburg Morning 8'39"
9. Salt n' Pepa 3'53"