"The 5:00 A.M. Strut"
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"This is not only a great first outing but also one of the more enjoyable recordings of the year. We can only hope that Weiss can keep the standard
this high for many years to come."

-Duck Baker
March 2004

The debut CD from pianist and composer Ezra Weiss features much more than simply a stellar cast of sidemen. Antonio Hart, Billy Hart, Michael Mossman, Leon Lee Dorsey, and Kelly Roberge play Weiss' thoughtful and elaborate compositions with authority, without a doubt. But make no mistake about the word "compositions" -- it is not used lightly here -- Weiss plays the pen quite well.

Antonio Hart blows the roof off, Billy Hart plays with power and finesse, Mossman, Dorsey, and Roberge match the intensity, and you're on a ride. This CD has received rave reviews across the country, and you'll see why.



Ezra Weiss(piano)
Leon Lee Dorsey (bass)
Antonio Hart (Alto Sax)
Kelly Roberge (Tenor Sax)
Michael Phillip Mossman (Trumpet)
Billy Hart(drums)

Track Listing
1. Symmetrics 5'51"
2. A Time for Healing 8'26"
3. Tea Shells 6'07"
4. One for Wendell 4'58"
5. Waiting 6'57"
6. The Clown Feature 4'05"
7. For the Youngins 5'16"
8. The Five A.M. Strut 3'59"
9. I Regret 9'14"